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 Hey world,

My name is Arianna Pattek – welcome to my new blog/website! I’ll start off with a brief introduction about myself. I’ll try to update this website with information as often as I can.

I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida. From the time I was very young, I always placed a high value on my education. I studied hard in high school and graduated in the top ten of my class. I went to Georgetown University in Washington, DC, to further my interest in international affairs and education. At Georgetown, I learned the intricacies of social justice and development. I studied International Culture and Politics with a thematic concentration in Genocide, Trauma, and Marginalization, with a minor in Justice and Peace Studies. I wrote my senior thesis on historical denial and revisionism and was honored with the 2012 Peace and Justice Studies Association National Undergraduate Thesis Award for my work. After four tough and enriching years, I graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown and earned a few awards/accolades along the way.

I am now currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar. I arrived in Madagascar in July of 2012 and serve as an Education Volunteer. I am responsible for teaching English in the public middle and high schools in my village, while also conducting secondary projects related to education. I built an English library and American cultural center, and there I spend much of my free time in my village. Life as a PCV is full of ups and downs, but I love living life in my village. I feel lucky every day to have been so welcomed into such a supportive and understanding community.

Other fun facts about me – I am a vegetarian (well, I eat sushi, so I guess that makes me a pescatarian). I love spending time outside, whether that’s hiking, biking, or generally wandering. I love to do yoga and go spinning (but sadly spinning isn’t a thing here in Madagascar). I enjoy reading for fun and to enrich my brain, particularly anything related to international development, education, and genocide studies. I’m trying to get better at cooking which is always a risky endeavor. And last, but definitely not least, I am obsessed with traveling and living for the journey.

That’s a quick snapshot about me. I’ll post more ramblings about various topics when I can!



Arianna Pattek & Dad

Me and my Dad

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